Music Matters for Kids

These pictures are from a recent web conference where three schools got together online to make music together. Magic does happen when kids get together to make music- even when distance separates them!

These images used with parental permission- thanks.

This is the music we were playing.This page shows the kids drawing on the whiteboard to show everyone what their favourite instrument is.


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Music and IT teacher Boneo Primary School Web Conference Coach DEECD Music Count Us In Project Officer Association of Music Educators Moderator "Music Matters' web conferencing
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One Response to Music Matters for Kids

  1. murcha says:

    Hi Sally, I love reading posts like this. Distance is no longer the separator it used to be. What a great opportunity you provided for these students! Did you get any feedback from the other schools involved? If so what was their feedback? I will keep my eyes open for some Asian classes or NZ classes who might like to play music together or share their learning with you. That would be fun if you could all link up in elluminate!

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