Top 20 free music sites

These are my current favourite sites for music education in primary schools


Flash drums

Piccolo Pete

Free You Tube downloader

Clapping squares

Clapping squares 2

Creating music

Flash piano

orchestration station- ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’

Trak Ax- google for download link


About salwal

Music and IT teacher Boneo Primary School Web Conference Coach DEECD Music Count Us In Project Officer Association of Music Educators Moderator "Music Matters' web conferencing
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One Response to Top 20 free music sites

  1. Your links to music sites have helped my wife. As she loves music, she has started using computers now. She always hated computers out of jealousy; you see I spent more time with computers than with her!! I landed on your page as I read your comment at Annie Mirtschin’s blog:

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