IWT Game Development Showcase

IWT Game Development Showcase

On Friday September 16th, staff and students from Boneo PS were fortunate enough to participate in the  IWT Game Development Showcase  at Experimedia, State Library of Victoria. What an amazing space!

We were joined by students and staff from Weeroona SC,  Melbourne High , St Helena,  Meredith PS,  Dinjerra PS,  Eltham PS,  Wodonga Middle Years , Mullauna SC , Auburn PS , Athol Road PS  and Doncaster Gardens PS .

All the students had made games and showcased them at the event. We were joined by industry experts, DEECD staff and the media.

The event was featured on Channel 9 evening news!

Huge thanks to Rita, Joedy and Ty from DEECD, the Innovations and Next Practice Division and ‘Team Boneo’- Jarrah, Nick, Mitchell, Fraser and Jed for making and presenting their wonderful game- ‘Cow Escape- Run for Your Life’


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26 Responses to IWT Game Development Showcase

  1. Tildy says:

    fantastic video Mr jellie

  2. kai says:

    wow! you were on the news

  3. Holly says:

    Nice video

    Was it scary knowing everyone was watching you?
    I would have been terrified

  4. Adam says:

    Awesome :0

  5. noni says:

    good job guys

  6. josh. t says:

    good job but its a bummer that everone didn’t go on TV.

  7. morgan says:

    good job

  8. Troy says:

    good job Jarrah

  9. Brodie says:

    awsome job guys

  10. Acacia says:

    very nice mr. Jellie. good job

  11. aidan says:

    cool that boneo is on tv again

  12. Fraser says:

    Good job Mr.Jellie

  13. Eliza says:

    nice mr jellie

  14. caterina says:

    1 minite fame

  15. luke says:

    mr jellie your the best

  16. Ruby says:

    Mr. Jellie good job on T.V. and also good job Jarrah and all the other Game team. Your Famous!

  17. Britney says:

    You guys are awesome

  18. Jay.H says:

    Go jarrah your on the TV!

    & they spely mr jellies name wrong!

    it is JELLIE not JELLLIE

  19. jake says:

    nice i want that game on ps3 is that possible if it is please do it thanks jarrah nick and the other game dovelepment people


  20. Marcus says:

    Jarrah looks all fancy lookin’

  21. michaela says:

    hi its michaela just saying well done to mr jellie and jarrah

  22. callah says:

    awesome good jarrah and mr jellie ( p.s. hope it go’s on xbox 🙂 )

  23. Blake says:

    work jellie and jazz

  24. aimee says:

    hi its aimee you guys we awsome and it was cool well done!

  25. jemmah says:

    good job mr.jellie that was great

  26. murcha says:

    Great experience for all involved. Your game sounds terrific. Has it been put online anywhere for others to play. What is the aim of the game? Is it multi-player? How many levels and challenges does it have. Congratulations!

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