Flat Classroom

Some of our students in grades 5 and 6 have been working in a Flat Classroom with students from USA, China and Russia. Each of our students is representing Australia in a virtual classroom with students from other countries with a teacher from one of those countries.

The Flat Classroom® Project is a global collaborative project. This project is part of the emerging trend in internationally-aware schools to embrace a holistic and constructivist educational approach to work collaboratively with others around the world in order to create students who are competitive and globally-minded. One of the main goals of the project is to ‘flatten’ or lower the classroom walls so that instead of each class working isolated and alone, classes are joined virtually to become one large classroom. The aim of this project is to join classrooms globally with a view to explore what life is like in each country through discussion, sharing and multimedia documentation. Students participating in the project are from all around the world.

The students have been grouped with eight other students to share and create a project digitally that demonstrate what they have learned about each other’s culture and country. The five themes are: School, Leisure, Transportation & Housing, Food & Celebrations, Clothing & Language, and Environment. The guiding questions for this project are:

  • What are the similarities and differences among children around the  world and how can we connect through commonalities?
  • How does your geography impact your theme topic?

Students are learning to use current web tools to share and create the group product. These tools include contributing to a wiki, collaborating via Edmodo, Popplet and VoiceThread.  This is a great opportunity for our children to learn about being responsible digital citizens.

Our students are learning so much from this project. They are not only learning digital tools and becoming responsible digital citizens but have also collaborated on projects with students around the world. What an amazing experience! It is wonderful to think that students from a little town in Australia can make connections with students from around the world. Our thanks to all at Flat Classroom for helping us on this journey!

To find out how you can be part of this or to learn more, follow this link.



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2 Responses to Flat Classroom

  1. murcha says:

    Sally, I did not realise you were involved in the Flat Classroom projects. It is great to have Australian teachers and classes involved. My year 11 are just winding up the netgened project and the 9/10s are completing their final outcome – videos for the Flat Classroom projects. They can involve a very steep learning curve, but like you I find them amazing and a fabulous opportunity for students who live in rural areas that may be culturally isolated. The K-2 Building Bridges project has been a great one to get involved in as I find the other teachers of the young are really creative, enthausiastic and terrific to work with. What is popplet? How have you used that? I shall have to look that one up.

    • salwal says:

      Thanks Anne, lovely to hear about the netgened project. I would like to get involved in a K-2 project next. I agree that the teachers involved are very creative and enthuisiastic and also very helpful. Popplet http://www.popplet.com is an online collaborative tool where people can collect, curate and share ideas. You can ask questions, answer them research things etc in a collaborative space that can be shared. It’s quite intuitive and the children love the interactive nature of it. Well worth a look, Anne.

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