Our Game Development Journey

In 2011, Victorian schools were invited to participate in the Innovating with Technology (IWT) Games-based Learning research trials to investigate the impact that Serious Games, Virtual Worlds, and Game Development can have when incorporated with effective learning principles in a targeted area of curriculum. Boneo PS was lucky enough to be involved in the Game Development Strand.

The Serious Games strand included a wide range of games titles that have been designed as purposeful learning environments that target key curriculum areas and explicit learning outcomes.

The Virtual Worlds strand focused on Quest Atlantis, a game developed at Indiana University that uses a 3D multi-user environment to immerse students in educational tasks.

The Game Development strand involved students using game development concepts and software to create their own games. This group worked closely with game developers from Victoria’s thriving game development industry.

Digital games are a part of life for many young people. Along with high levels of engagement, the use of games in classrooms offers exciting, powerful vehicles that can stimulate collaboration, problem solving, creativity, innovation, critical thinking, communication and digital literacy to satisfy contemporary curriculum goals and cross curricular approaches to student learning.

You can see our research findings and videos at



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