Thank- you, Richard Gill!

Thank you, Richard Gill!

As a Primary school music teacher for over 30 years, I would like to thank Richard Gill for his words of wisdom. In a time when education seems to be favouring standardised testing and devaluing Arts education, I find his thoughts to be a shining light of validation for my life’s work.

My students have performed in almost every state in Australia (sorry W.A.- hope to get there soon!). We have played with the Royal Hobart Naval Band, at the Darwin Festival, at Dream World, on the Telstra Stadium in Sydney, in the Cadbury Factory, in Town Halls and streets throughout Australia. We have attended rehearsals of major orchestras and been inspired by some amazing conductors who generously gave their time to motivate our children. We have performed at Parliament House in Melbourne and in Parliament House Canberra.

Apart from our Concert Band, my school has rock bands, a choir, a Glee group, African drumming and instrumental lessons for any instrument a child would like to learn. We have an annual musical and concert and perform at every assembly.  Every year we take our band on tour and we also hold a 3 day residential Music Camp for over 100 local students.

I recently attended a wedding where the best man’s speech was about meeting the groom at our Music Camp when they were at primary school. I have been invited to recitals and performances by ex-students as they progress through careers in music performance. I am delighted to mentor young music teachers who I remember as small children with shining eyes in my classes.

There are days when I wonder about the value that is placed on something I consider priceless- a planned, sequential, meaningful music program. Then, along comes Richard Gill on his white horse.

If you get a chance, please read this transcript of Richard Gill’s address and his blog If, like me, you recognise that our children deserve a music education, it will make you smile, nod, clap and cheer.

So, once again, thank-you Richard Gill!


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One Response to Thank- you, Richard Gill!

  1. Jo Hilliard says:

    Hi Sally,

    I whole heartedly concur with your comments, and fondly remember the combined music camps at Ace Hi during my years teaching at Rosebud High! We run a similar program at Kilbreda now, with great results and strong foundations for the instrumental and choral program.

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