About me

My name is Sally Walsh. I teach Music and ICT at Boneo Primary School on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia.

In Boneo you will find our school, the Boneo Cricket Club, Boneo Tennis Club and the Boneo Fire Brigade. Boneo sits on a narrow peninsula between the surf beach of Gunnamatta and the bay beach of Rosebud.

The Boneo Primary School has an enrolment of about 340 and all students travel to school by car or bus as no-one is within walking distance.

I moderate a web conference series called ‘Music Matters’. This professional network is designed to be a supportive environment for music educators of all experience levels from graduates to those with more experience. We all have things to learn from each other and can guarantee a supportive, non threatening forum where no question is dumb and someone will have a solution! This series focusses on music education issues- how to engage students in their learning, with fun ideas and music technology. You can find out more about this at


I am also a web conference leader for DEECD. This role involves providing teachers with resources to support  ongoing skill development with web conferencing.

In addition, I am the project officer for ‘Music Count Us In’ for the Association of Music Educators.  In this role I have a website http://musiccountusin2011.wikispaces.com  that is full of resources to support Music Count Us In.

My Links

  • My professional blog


  • My wiki ‘Music Count Us In 2011’


  • My Student Blog


  • My Music Room wiki


  • My ‘Music Matters’ website


  • ‘Music Matters for Kids’ session recording link


  • Music Matters series link


  • Music Matters on You Tube


  • Music Matters FUSE links

My ‘Music Count Us In’ resources on FUSE
Learning Resource ID


  • Virtual Conference Centre



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