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As a web conference coach for the Department of Education, my role is to offer support for users of the Virtual Conference Centre. Further details are below. If you are interested, email me on walsh.sally.j@edumail.vic.gov.au

Web conferencing is a powerful way to connect, communicate and collaborate with others in real-time, from anywhere with an internet connection. The Virtual Conference Centre is a facility which allows Victorian educators to participate in web conferences for connecting students with experts and the wider community, online teaching and learning, professional learning and online meetings.

Many Victorian educators are undertaking web conference training and registering to run their own web conferences. In a new initiative in 2011, the Innovation and Next Practice Division is now offering one-on-one support from experienced Web Conference Coaches, as you prepare to run your first two web conferences in the Virtual Conference Centre.

Web Conference Coaches are Victorian teachers who are released from their classroom duties for one day per week to facilitate online coaching with those who are new to web conferencing. All of their coaching occurs online, via online discussion forums, email and of course web conferences.

What is the role of the coach?

Your coach will:

• meet with you online to collaboratively plan your web first conference session (approx 30 mins.)

• support you to learn the necessary skills to moderate your own web conference

• attend your first web conference to provide back-up support

• debrief with you on your first web conference and collaboratively plan your second session (approx 30 mins.)

• support you in preparing for and reflecting on your second web conference session (approx 30 mins.)

• debrief with you after your second web conference (approx 30 mins.)

• provide you with resources to support your ongoing skill development with web conferencing.

Who is eligible to be a coachee in the program?

Anyone who is a registered user of the Virtual Conference Centre may become a coachee. This includes Victorian teachers, DEECD Regional and Central Office staff and strategic partner organisations.

If you haven’t already registered as a user of the Virtual Conference Centre, you can register at:


How do I join the program?

Simply send an email to one or all of the coaches listed below. In your email, please include:

1. Your name

2. Your role

3. Your school/organisation

4. Your goals for using web conferencing

5. The days/times you are available for planning and debrief sessions, and

6. (If already arranged) the specific date and time of your first two web conferences

Link to blackboard collaborate tutorials and resources


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